Tammy Duckworth

Sign the Petition: Tell Joe Walsh His Offensive Comments are Unacceptable

At a recent town hall, Tea Party favorite, Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois was caught on tape saying:

“The Democratic Party promises groups of people everything. They want the Hispanic vote. They want Hispanics to be dependent upon government, just like they got African-Americans dependent upon government. That’s their game.”

Walsh’s comments are not only offensive, they are especially irresponsible coming from a sitting Member of Congress.

Walsh has a long history of inappropriate and offensive comments. He has claimed--more than once--that Americans voted for Obama “based on who he was: a historical figure - our first black president.” He’s said that illegal immigrants “should be deported immediately, no questions asked.” In February, while talking about school choice, he said “African Americans and Hispanics love this issue...Republicans have to do a better job of talking freedom to some of these other populations. Because all the Democrats want to do is put ‘em on a plantation, they could care less of them.”

Enough is enough. This isn’t just a one-time gaffe--it’s a pattern. We can’t let Joe Walsh get away with these disparaging comments any longer. It’s time to hold him accountable.

Congressman Joe Walsh:
E pluribus unum -- out of many, one. It is at the core of the American ideal. Our diversity has always been our strength, even before our nation was born. Before there ever was a Tea Party, Americans of different colors and creeds stood together. Some even fell together in a massacre in Boston.

The Congress that was created from that bloody fight was always meant to be the people's house. As someone who has been given the privilege of serving in Congress, you have a responsibility to serve ALL Americans, not just the ones who think like you or look like you.